Our Plan

Throughout the 5 Phases of action detailed below  we will improve not only the theater, but the surrounding community by providing a space for engaging entertainment which will drive more traffic to Fairborn creating space for businesses.  After renovation, we will provide  grant opportunities , scholarships, artistic residencies and other educational opportunities. None of this is possible without the support from our community and people like you.


Phase 1

We cleaned like crazy and let the public get a sneak peak of the theater for the first time in nearly 20 years. Here we tested the waters.

  • Trash removal, minimal electric, seating, etc.

  • Proof of Concept --Community Screening raised over $5,000 in donations

  • Granted NPO State/ 501(c)(3) Status by the IRS on 21 Feb 2020

  • Quotes/ Drawings ← WE ARE HERE


Phase 2

Fundraising will happen throughout to cover renovations and restoration at first and later operational costs and grants. Here we start partnerships, sponsorships, selling naming opportunities and hitting the pavement asking for donations.

Below are some of the fundraising ideas.

  • DIY events similar to HeroInOhio documentary screenings using rental POP-UP sound equipment and projectors.

  • Sell “Walk of fame” bricks

  • Marquee Light bulbs -- 398 bulbs on bottom - $250 to sponsor a bulb ($500 for row around ticket booth)

  • Sell areas (“Morse Auditorium”, “Terrell Lobby”, MIKE FOY's JESTER ETC.)

  • Hollywood style portraits

  • Sell Ad space

  • Sell personalize commercial for business social media that will play before films and events. 


Phase 3

 Once we raise funds we will tackle these 4 groups to lay down a solid foundation. 

Throughout this phase we will still hold DIY style events when we can.

  • Roof -- we need a new roof -- luckily for us the original roof was built very well.

  • Electrical -- We can run generators and temporary power for a few shows, but we have to power the place. We're hoping to team up with a solar company in an effort for a Gold LEED Cert if possible.

  • Plumbing -- We need new environmental efficient toilets-- this drastically affects capacity

  • HVAC -- Ventilation -- also effects capacity greatly. We can go without for a bit, during DIY shows, but this is a move to open year around. 


Phase 4

After we have the fundamental foundation set we start getting into cosmetic renovations and improving 

  • Sound Proofing the room -- New Curtains (NAMING OPP) and acoustic panels. 

  • New Sound System & Digital Projector Installed

  • Front of building/Auditorium Renovation

  • Modernization where appropriate

Maintain Historical Aesthetic with Modern Solutions.


Phase 5

This is where we start providing resources for artists. Here we start revolving between Phase 4 and 5. We'll enhance our quality.

  • Offer film grants for development, production and post-production. 

  • Offer artistic funds 

  • Scholarships to for journalism or film school.

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