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Who We Are

The foundation’s board is made up of locals wanting to create a space we wished we had growing up. We're still growing and looking to build our team. If you believe you can contribute please click below.


Jordan has created documentaries around the world for nearly 10 years. He convinced city leaders to let him screen his feature documentary, HEROINOHIO's at the Fairborn Theater.  The first film in nearly 20 years to be show at the Theater. Jordan is managing the creative, molding the aesthetic and curating the events of the theater.

Jordan C. Terrell


With an MBA from Wright State University and experience working in contract negotiation at Wright Paterson Air force Base, Morse has created the Fairborn Phoenix's business strategy, dealing with donations and developing business partnerships. He was one of the first ones to show up with a mask and clean the theater.

Chris Morse

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