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HEROINOHIO - A dual story of redemption
Saving the Abandoned Fairborn Theatre | Fairborn Ohio | Urban Exploring (2020)

Fairborn OKs deal with group to restore historic movie theater

July 29, 2022

The city has earmarked $500,000 in ARPA money for the theater project by the 501c3 nonprofit group. As part of the agreement passed Monday night, the funds will be used for:

•Replacing the building’s roof and gutter system.

•Compensating a handful of businesses and organizations involved in the project.

‘We don’t want it to sit here empty any more’

March 6, 2020

"It’s just an empty theater now, but a local nonprofit group hopes to turn the derelict Fairborn Theater into a community center and arts destination.
The Fairborn Theater, at 34 S. Broad St., has been closed for about two decades and will require from $3 million to $5 million to renovate, but the Fairborn Phoenix Foundation believes it is the group that will reopen it..."

"Fairborn HS grad to show film in old Fairborn Theater on Saturday"

July 29, 2019

This will be the first time the theater has opened its doors in nearly 20 years. There will be a pre-show reception at 6 p.m. with a food truck.

IMG_0710 2.JPG

"Saving the Abandoned Fairborn Theatre"

June 24, 2020

Today we're urban exploring the abandoned Fairborn Theatre located in Fairborn, Ohio. This Chakeres Theater closed 20 years ago.


The town of Fairborn was created by combining the villages of Fairfield and Osborne within Greene County, Ohio. The Fairborn Theater was the first local business to use the town's new name...

“We’re getting ready to run. We’re at the (starting) blocks, waiting for the gun to sound,” Morse said.

July 29, 2022

The Fairborn Phoenix Foundation is working on a five-phase plan to renovate and revitalize the old Fairborn Theatre. 

Jordan Terrell, president of The Fairborn Phoenix Foundation board, started the project on a whim when visiting town to showcase a documentary on the opioid epidemic in Fairborn...

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