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Deadline: July 29th 

Festival August 19th


Welcome to Dead City Film Festival. We are a celebration of cities that may appear dead. Submit VIA by clicking below... But first please read the survival guide.

Click the Film Freeway link below for Tickets



Dead City is a film festival celebrating the “dead” towns, lesser sought after places we call home, where we do what we can to make them better. We acknowledge the creativity that seeps from the people who call these places their hometowns. We’re looking for films from middle-America and elsewhere with abandoned strip-malls, shuddered factories and forgotten about city centers. We’re looking for creators who had nothing else to do, but to create. The people who fled their hometowns, but are proud of where they grew up. This is the Dead City Film Festival.

The Rules

1: Nothing over 20 minutes.We'll entertain fiction, nonfiction and experimental. 

2: Must be from a "Dead City" - can live somewhere else.

3: Self-funded films *

4: Submit by July 29th - Fees for Ohioans $5

For any questions, please reach out to

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